My Roller Coaster Journey to Get into My Dream Company — Upgraded Version 2.0 Of Myself

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Everyone wants to get into their dream company, I was one of you before 5 years down the line. Aiming towards your Goal you want to achieve you’ll require lots of patience to achieve it. As said by a famous writer

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Working for your dream company, working in a field you always wanted to and getting the package you deserve, this all seems too hard when you think about all the competition dogging your steps.

However, before you give up on those dreams, I will be going to help you with some job interview tricks that helped me to achieve my goal.

So what are those Tricks??

What I had done to transforming my failure 1.0 version to a successful 2.0 Version????????????

Let’s Get started…..

Go Back to Basics (Homework on Mistake)-

There is always something which we missed on. That’s the reason one shall “Go Back to Basics”. Making it big, turning your dreams into reality requires some homework.

Now You guys might have thought that what kind of Homework & Basics I am talking About???????

So Going back to basics changes from individual to individual depending on their Goal. In my scenario, I wanted to get into my dream company for which I read up about the vision of the company- what are their goals, culture, the larger objective that pushes them on. I stocked with all the information that can be gathered about the company. Use it to know the company in and out and work on your job interview. So if in case your goal is to succeed in business then you need to check what strategy is going wrong by going into basics.

#Find the job listing that fits your experience & goals –

I have a background in using content to grow a business by doing the SEO for them. So when I found the job listing for “Growth Marketer — SEO” for Sidekick on LinkedIn, I thought, “Whoa! Google is hiring!? Cool.”

So my next thought was, “But it’s Google. I’m probably not qualified.”

The next day, I found myself revisiting the job listing.

Damn it. I would really love to work for Google. It’s My Dream Company I’M JUST GONNA DO IT. I’M GONNA APPLY.

#Research, Research & Research…………

But Before Applying for it, I had wanted to clear all basics …As I had not wanted to miss this opportunity I started from scratch. So I research the company coworkers, If I joined this position who can be my reporting manager so for that So I went over to LinkedIn and found the company page and the list of people who work there.

After researching the people, it was time to research the company. I browsed the website where people review the culture of the Company like Glassdoor & then I checked the culture code of the company

#It’s Time to Prepare your Material-

After my research, I updated my resume and crafted a tailored cover letter that included some examples of my work. Instead of providing examples as email attachments, I included them as links throughout my cover letter.

Shortly after, I speaking with recruiters & clearing My Four Rounds of Interview, I was hired in Google Content Team.

By doing my research, personalizing my outreach, and hustling through quickly, I stood out from 500+other applicants. Now, here I am today, excited to be creating content for this blog.

Myhope is that this story of landing my dream job helps you push forward to land yours. Good luck!

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